Second Money

Maybe you haven’t heard the term, but I tell you what, you better. Especially in the nail industry. I am going to tell you a quick story, where the unexpected should actually not be unexpected at all.  Just requires a bit of insight into human nature.

So here is the story.  Who would you think might be the least expected customer for your salon. How about a male tow truck driver?  Jason from Alabama, worked for Birmingham Affordable Towing, night shift.  He walks in without a clue and a bit sheepish as to why he was in a nail salon.   Yes a few muted giggles could be heard from the staff, a whisper “this is going to be fun”

money moneyWell, Jason explains that his wife gave him an ultimatum, either get your hands and feet worked on or he won’t be sleeping in the same bed.  She was tired of his calloused feet and beat up hands scratching her under the covers.

Nothing more motivating than a denial of love from one’s spouse. The shop owner was quite courteous and put the rugged man at ease.  Let me cut to the chase. Once Jason’s feet hit the water…it was all over.  He had no idea of what he was missing.  From that point on, though out the whole session this most unlikely customer was like putty in the hands of an expert.

A simple mani’, pedi’ turned into a 2 hour session.  Why? because a savvy owner knows the power of a first time rookie sitting into that chair.  She read the uncomfortable situation turn into bliss on Jason face.  This man needed work done on his soles and he appreciated it.

It Only took a quiet suggestion of an upsell and it was taken over and over.  Jason had no idea what he had been missing all these years… he was willing to make it up.  Second money, third money was so easy for this owner.  She wasn’t scared to ask.

Remember this, if someone already has their wallet open, they are 90 percent likely they are willing to pull more money out… the mentality is, “Might as Well”. Good for Jason, good for Salon owner. Second money makes everybody happy.

Nail It!