Conversation Matters (most of the time)

This Conversation Matters (most of the time) will not be the longest post, but it really needs to be covered.  You see my fellow Salon owners it is my job to point out what matters.  You might say conversation is a given. I can tell you I’ve heard from numerous new customers of mine complain about their previous nail salon experience.

Most of the patrons told stories of communication gap / language barrier with foreign owned nail salons.

It might not be that far out of the realm of possibility to see how this could happen.  The Salons that don’t make a concerted effort to sharpen their own skills with the English language but also nudge the help to move in that direction as well.  Just like hairstylist half the reason a customer goes to get their nails or feet worked on is to let off steam.  Part of that equation is to be able to laugh or gossip and at times talk about serious issues that are happening in the customers lives.


If you or your help isn’t providing the conversation as part of the normal operation of business .. you will suffer in the end.  It should be your goal to provide the complete experience at your salon.  If your establishment sounds like the morgue, you are not getting it right.

nail conversationYes there is always going to be the patron that wants to close their eyes and shut out the world while experiencing a nice pedi, but there will always be a transition moment when conversation would be helpful. If you or your techs can’t provide a fluid conversation then its time to get going or you will be forever in search of new clients, to replace the ones that are not coming back.

Nail It!