Fierce Nails

Fierce Nails

Fierce Nails

Here we are in 2016 and just like fashion, the nail styles come and go.  Well there is a new twist to the game of nails and I think it needs to take center stage and take its place in the sun. or maybe I should say the shadows.

The nails I am referring to have taken the street name “

“Fierce Nails” If you haven’t seen them yet, first check out the pic inserted to get an idea.  Just think animal, fierce animals at that.  I suppose this is a take of the extreme body additions such as horns, lip rings and body enhancement.  I would say it’s a normal progression in an abnormal and not so easy to digest move to freak style.

The nail variations I have to say are eye catching take an advance skill of nail sculpting.  We see variations of cat claws and Dracula points.  Curved black bear nails are hitting the streets in NY and LA.

Personally I would advise charging 2.5 to 3 times the normal manicure fee. The time involved in sculpting is quite a bit longer than your average every day client.  But you have to see it as a specialty and since the rate can be raised, it can translate to the effect of getting 2.5 clients.

You will be keeping your chairs full with this service. Also you will get people talking.  Not sure if it will take off in the bible belt.  If it ever does…watch out. Money to be made.

Nail it,