The Simple Extras Matter

Peddle Me

Peddle Me

We see the set up photographs of beautiful feet draped in rose petals.  Toes wrapped in kiwi, legs wrapped in bath salts.  They do make a wonderful picture with lots of color and a good dose of exotic allure.

Think about it, the average every day patron doesn’t have any idea that most of these methods don’t have a great effect on the overall condition of their feet, but let me tell you this, it will have a tremendous effect on the patron’s psyche.

Listen carefully, with so many reality shows with gazillionaires being wrapped in luxury and showing it all off for the world to see.  The man or woman that works 9 to 5 and his or her tootsies hurt, they deserve a bit of luxury.  They will talk themselves into it in  a New York minute.   So get some rose petals,  run across the street and grab a few kiwis.

It is time you offer the so called exotic to the regular patron.  No, you are not gonna get NY Nail Boutique dollars in fly over country.  Guess what? Its not going to cost you NY dollars to provide it for the average every day customer.

So why not… do your business a favor and go out of the norm to provide a service that no other salon has the nerve or imagination to offer.


Nail It,